We are specialized in transport of oversized loadsthrough Czech Republic and Slovakia

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Schwertransport-service s.r.o.

We are specialized in transport of oversized loads through Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Germany including routing and transport permissions.

We are family based company which is specialized on the escort vehicles of oversized loads. Our company is being dynamically developed.

The company was founded in 1998. Since that time we are cooperating with most of domestic transporters in the area of oversized loads such as Nosreti, Garantrans, Dobrovolný, Aquasys, Radl, Danczech, APB Plzeň, Voss International and others. Since the very beginning we are always trying to meet the needs of our costumers in the best possible way.

Nowadays we offer 7 cars, namely the car of BF2 type and two cars BF3. Our vehicle park is constantly modernized and expanded according to our needs as well as the needs of our customers.

In 2012 we have transformed into the company of Schwetransport – Service Ltd. We have actively started the cooperation with the foreign partners and we started to offer our complex services in the field of oversized loads. We provide the overall services connected with the oversized loads, from the quality price demands to ensuring all the necessary transport permits, which are targeted to Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany or Poland.

Due to cooperation with our international partners we will arrange the transportation permits for oversized load transport across the whole Europe. We will propose the most suitable and economic route. We will provide the necessary escort vehicles and if needed also the police escort.

During our existence, I have arranged many transportations from the small transports to the most extreme ones. Nowadays we are the biggest family company in the field of ensuring oversize transport in the Czech Republic. As an example of our quality services serve satisfied customer and also the fact that the number of our customers is still increasing.

-Professional and long-term experience in the field of oversized transport, we are verified by our customers.

- We offer professional vehicle escort namely 7x BF2, 2x BF3, thus you are working with real professionals.

- We have a clear price policy.

- We set the highest goals to ourselves.

- Watch new offer! We are offering speditition of oversize loads all over the world.

100% successes of our work
100% satisfied clients
622 transportations in the 2015
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